Looking for a palliative care foster home ***FOSTER HOME FOUND! ***


Meet Dash!

Dash is a 5 month old kitten who is looking for a palliative care foster home. Dash has been diagnosed with Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP), a fatal disease process that typically affects young cats and kittens who have come from stressful living situations. Cats with FIP typically have only a few months to live.  Dash is currently living at the RDHS shelter, but is hoping to find a home where he can be an only cat and enjoy the rest of his time in a stress-free environment.  Dash will be on medications periodically through the rest of his life as he sometimes has diarrhea when he isn’t feeling well. Otherwise, Dash is very playful and interactive and extremely  loveable!

Please help us make this handsome little kitten’s life the best possible. If you or someone you know are interested fostering Dash, please contact the RDHS.